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Brandt Tingen

Brandt began his career by renovating, stabilizing, and managing - a portfolio of value-added commercial and multi-family properties in D.C.  This experience leads to a partner that not only can manage a property, but who can also provide strategic insight into maximizing investment, usage, and margin.  Brandt holds several real estate licenses, is a multi-degree business school graduate of George Mason Univ., and in his spare time can be found enjoying water sports on the Chesapeake Bay.  

Michael Tingen

Michael adds value to projects which require an added element of design and outside the box, yet practical, thinking - as it pertains to architecture and design.  These attributes have led to successfully navigating the waters of historic and zoning reviews on value-added commercial and multifamily projects.  Michael is a graduate of the Pratt School of Architecture in Brooklyn, NY.  In his spare time Michael can be found scouting surf breaks from NY to Tel Aviv.  

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