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You want more from your property manager. You want a manager that thinks like an owner. You want a manager that sees more than what's there, but also what could be. You want an manager that finds creative tenant solutions, masterfully weaving the complicated aspects of your property and your business into your vision. You want a value added manager who's an Integral component of your current and future success.  


Strategic Consulting

  • ​Asset Acquisition, Disposition, and Trade strategies

  • Highest & Best Use analysis

  • Development, Site Improvement, and Feasibility Analysis & Project Management

  • Due Diligence Consulting: Legal (CofO, Title, etc.), Physical (Deferred Maintenance, Repairs, Upkeep, & Capital Enhancement estimates, etc.), Financial (Valuation, Economic Feasibility, Market Strategy, etc.) 

  • Maintenance & Repairs strategies

  • Tenant Issue and Stabilization Consulting



  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports

  • Annual & Monthly Budget

  • Annual & Monthly Profit & Loss Statement

  • Annual & Monthly Income Statement

  • Quarterly Property Inspection


Routine Operations

  • New Lease & Lease Renewal Negotiations

  • Pre-Inspections

  • Tenant Build Out

  • Custom Landlord/Tenant Solutions

  • In-Depth Tenant Screening

  • Rent Collection, Processing, & Distribution

  • Supervise Maintenance & Repair Estimates & Contractors

  • Renovation & Unit Turnover Project Management


Project Management

  • Coordination of Estimates

  • Permit Running

  • Coordination of Scope of Work

  • Coordination of Invoicing

  • On-Site Project Oversight

  • Coordination of Materials Choices

  • Coordination of Architectural Work


** Certain Services Offered in Conjunction with Customer Realty & other Professional Firms

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